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Do you cherish your sacred alone time with God, your thoughts, and diary? Have you found yourself call to a season of consecration, obedience, and dedication to Christ, yet temptations are on the rise? Is honoring this commitment challenging? Are you silently suffering due to unforgivness, rage, and loneliness lingering in your heart?


Columbus, GA native, Rolesta Milian, divorced mother of 4 has devoted her season of singleness to living pure, despite it’s challenges. In this new book, Rolesta provides wisdom, transparency, and advice on ow to navigate this new path while shedding light on her trials and testimony.

Waiting Room: Diary of a Single, Celibate, & Saved Woman

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  • Rolesta desires to promote obedience to the Word of God, provide comfort to those that can relate, and to provide a helpful guideline cover the steps to faithfully enbar on this narrow journey that many see and unnecessary and/or unattainable.

    Grab your pen, follow along, and prepare to be vulnerable. If you are willing to engage, decipher, and digest, this will be a healing experience. 

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